I am currently a Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the School of Medicine (Department of Psychiatry) at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I earned my Ph.D. in Philosophy from The University of Virginia.

My areas of specialization are Moral, Legal, and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Medicine, Bioethics, and Applied Ethics. I am currently working on two main projects.

The first is in the areas of Ancient Philosophy and Medical Ethics. I am writing a series of articles that I hope to develop into a book, tentatively entitled, Mental Disorders in the Ancient World. This project focuses on the development of Ethics and Medicine from the Homeric era through Galen. My inquiry focuses on conceptions of irrationality and mental disorders that emerged during this period. My historical and philosophical investigations of the development of Ethics, Medicine, and Mental Disorders has important applications for central questions in contemporary Ethics, Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Medicine, Medical Ethics, and Philosophy of Psychiatry.

The second project is a continuation of my research with Eric Juengst. We are in the process of a major update of our Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on the topic of human enhancement. We are also working on “Human Enhancement and Meaning in Life” for The Oxford Handbook of the Meaning of Life (under contract and forthcoming 2020).