Edited Volumes

Philosophy and Psychiatry: Problems, Intersections and New Perspectives, Co-Edited with Gary J. Gala, New York: Routledge, 2016.

Moral and Political Implications of the DSM-5, Special Issue of Public Affairs Quarterly, 29:1, January 2015.

Should Libertarians Endorse Basic Income?  Special Issue of Basic Income Studies, 6:2, October 2011.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

“The Role of Decision-Making Capacity in Gathering Collateral Information” with Katherine Dickson, Gary Gala, The Journal of Clinical Ethics, 34(2): 123-127. Summer 2023.

Navigating Care from Afar: Ethical Considerations for Police Welfare Checks.” with Evan Vitiello, Psychiatric Services, 72(11): 1345-1347. 2021.

Gun Violence, Mental Illness and Laws that Prohibit Gun Possession: Evidence from Two Florida Counties”, with Jeffrey Swanson, Michelle Easter, Allison Robinson, Marvin Swartz, Kelly Alanis-Hirsch, Charles Dion and John Petrilla, Health Affairs, 35, No.6, 2016. 1067-1075.

Revisiting Williams on Integrity”, The Journal of Value Inquiry, 48. 53-68, 2014.

The Consumer Protection Model of Decisional Capacity Evaluations”, with Gary Gala, Southwest Philosophy Review, 28 (1): 241-248, January 2013.

What is Libertarianism?”, Basic Income Studies, 6:2, October 2011.

A Lockean Argument for Basic Income”, Basic Income Studies, 6:2, October 2011.

Encyclopedia Entries

“Human Enhancement”, with Eric Juengst, In The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Edited by Edward Zalta, Substantive Revision May 15, 2019, Originally Published April 7, 2015.

Bias”, In The International Encyclopedia of Ethics, Edited by Hugh LaFollette, Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2019.

Economics and Ethics”, with Geoffrey Brennan, In The International Encyclopedia of Ethics, Edited by Hugh LaFollette. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.

Book Chapters

“Biomedical Technology and the Ethics of Enhancement”, with Christina Murray. In Technology Ethics: A Philosophical Introduction and Readings, G. Robson and J. Tsou, Eds. New York: Routledge, pp.252-260, 2023.

“An International Review of Mandated Community Treatment: The US Experience,” with Alec Buchanan, Steve Kisely, Jorun Rugkasa, Jeffrey Swanson and Marvin Swartz, In Care of the Mentally Disordered Offender in the Community: Second Edition, Edited by Alec Buchanan and Lisa Wooten, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp.47-60, 2017.

“US Outpatient Commitment in Context: When is it Ethical and How Can We Tell?”, with Jeffrey Swanson and Marvin Swartz, In Care of the Mentally Disordered Offender in the Community: Second Edition, Edited by Alec Buchanan and Lisa Wooten, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp.243-266, 2017.

Book Reviews and Commentaries

Transformational Conceptual Analysis and Progress in Philosophy of Psychiatry.” Commentary on Awais Aftab, “Experimental Philosophy of Psychiatry.” AAPP Bulletin. 27(3): 10-11.2021.

Review of How to be Good: The Possibility of Moral Enhancement by John Harris”, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, April 2018

Review of The Illusion of Well-Being: Economic Policy Making Based on Respect and Responsiveness by Mark White”, The Independent Review: A Journal of Political Economy, Spring 2016.

Paternalism, Autonomy, and the Good”, with Gary Gala, Philosophy, Psychiatry, Psychology, Commentary on Brent Kious’s “Autonomy and Value”, 22 (1): 13-16, March 2015.

Review of Integrity and the Virtues of Reason: Leading a Convincing Life by Greg Scherkoske”, Ethics, 125:1, October 2014. 276-282.

Review of Ethics and the Quest for Wisdom by Robert Kane”, The Journal of Moral Philosophy,10:6, 2013. 808-810.

Review of The Insanity Offense by E. Fuller Torrey”, Metapsychology. April 12, 2009.

Review of Cartographies of the Mind, Edited by Massimo Marraffa, Mario De Caro, and Francesco Ferretti”, Philosophical Psychology. 21(5): 709-712, 2008.

Review of The Science of Addiction by Carlton Erickson”, Metapsychology. July 8, 2008

Other Publications

Self Creation, Identity and Authenticity: A Study of Eastern Promises and A History of Violence”, In The Philosophy of David Cronenberg, Edited by Simon Riches, Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky, pp.125-139, 2012.

The Joker’s Comedy of Existence” In Supervillains and Philosophy, Edited by Ben Dyer, Chicago: Open Court, pp.127-136, 2009.

“Comedy and the Grotesque in SlitherMildred Pierce. 4. February 2011.

Reflections on Civil Commitment Law in Virginia.Bioethics Forum. The Hastings Center. July 13, 2007. Republished as an Op Ed piece in The Richmond Times Dispatch and The Virginian Pilot.

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